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Mr. Jaroslav Čemus founded his company v roce 1990. V first years specialized medical facilities. V January 1998 The company Čemus put into operation its own, completely new production hall, which is equipped with the most modern machines.

At present, the company supplies complete interiors of pharmacies, including pharmacy devices and has become the largest supplier of pharmacy interiors in the Czech Republic.

In the following years, the company built its own construction company in order to deliver turnkey pharmacies. Thus, from  securing a building permit, execution of own construction, realization of interior up to regulatory approvals.

The novelty is "Revitalization of pharmacies". This is providing a complex of services, including a change of layout, design, interior reconstruction and realization of merchandesing. The result is a significant increase in the competitiveness of the revitalized pharmacy. V resent time is about these services are of particular interest.

Although we specialize in pharmacies, we have rich experience with furniture for other services like banks, offices and more.

Complete solutions 
for pharmacies

Long-term specialization in pharmacy


The highest quality materials and systems for the smooth running of pharmacies

Innovation and consulting

Production and technology


Shoptec storage systems are specially designed for use in pharmacies. This system offers high functionality, quality workmanship and a long life. The divisibility of the drawers is an advantage of this system. 

The company Čemus is the owner of the exclusive representation of the company Shoptec for the Czech Republic.

Indispensable Shoptec drawers

Production takes place v modern production hall on first-class Italian woodworking machines. 


Interior furniture is produced by our company directly and that is why we can offer you the best price and quality. 

The best materials for your pharmacies

State-of-the-art production

The materials we use mainly include LTD boards, which we offer in a wide range of types and colors. Furthermore, it is a Trespa material originating from  Netherlands. It is a highly durable material, especially suitable for  laboratory. This material is characterized by high water resistance, high chemical resistance and washability. We also offer, for example, high-quality sinks Systemceram, high-quality fittings from the best suppliers and more.

Responsible approach

Energy for our production is largely supplied by solar panels, and is thus environmentally friendly. 

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