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Mr. Jaroslav Čemus founded his company in 1990. During the first years in business he specialized in furniture manufacturing for pharmacies and heathcare establishments. In January 1998 the company opened its own completely new manufacturing plant equipted with the latest technology in professional furniture manufacturing. 

Currently, the company focuses at complete solutions for pharmacies including pharmacy equipment and technology and has become the leader in pharmacy interior supply solutions in Czech Republic.

Over the years company has also established its manufacturing business, in order to provide complete solutions for customers. This includes communication with state offices when receiving permitions and documentation, construction, completition of interior and assistance during the final visit of state officials controlling legislation accordance and approving the business. _cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

One of the latest services we introduced is so called "revitalization of pharmacies"  concerned with providing services aimed for improving efficiency and sales by changing disposition and reconstruction of interior or merchandising. Results of our work have shown incresed competitivness of the business units and satisfied customers, reflected in latest demand for these services. 

Despite our specialization in pharmacy business, we also do have a strong experience in manufacturing furniture and solutions for laboratories, offices, and even banks or hotels. During the last years we have also noticed increased demand for furniture designed for family houses or appartements.





Innovations and advisory

High-quality materials and systems for pharmacy streamlining 

long-term specialization in pharmacy




Manufacturing &  technology

Indispensable shelf drawers "Shoptec"


Shopfitting systems Shoptec for easy storage and handling the products are specialized for use in pharmacies. This system offers high fuctionality, high-quality manufactory and long-term fuctioning. Divisibility of the drawers is crucial for this solution. It is very challenging to achieve the same efficiency and comfort when dispatching the products in pharmacy, using the common drawers.


Our company is the official sales representative of Shoptec for Czech Republic and Slovakia



Energy for our manufacturing is supplied by green solar energy and helps us in our efforts in improving the environment we work at. 

Responsible approach


Materials we use mainly include the LTD desks, that are use for furniture manufacturing and are offered and countless types and colors. Also, we use Trespa material, which is Dutch-produced and known for its extreme durability, suitable for use in laboratory establishments or small labs that are part of pharmacies. This material is water-resistent, also resists various chemicals and it is easy to wash. 


Anothe products we offer include sinks Systemceram or hinge of the highest quality.


State-of-the-art manufacturing

High-quality materials for your pharmacies.

Our manufacturing plant is equipted with the latest technlogy in furniture manufacturing and Italian machines for furniture manufactory.


Our own manufacturing plant is a crucial part for our business and your satisfaction. Our own supply helps us in offering you the best price, quality and warranty. And also, this gives you the comfort of aditional orders of in small quantities.


Jaroslav Čemus   

K Elektrárně 871

Kostelec nad Labem

277 13


Complete solutions starting with construction and finishing with consultancy

State-of-art systems and pharmacy streamlining

Successful solutions for customers in more than 5 countries

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