Recreating pharmacy

retail space across regions


After more than 20 years in pharmacy retail market, we have gained skills, expertise and knowledge that helps up create better and better solutions. Our solutions are unique mainly due to: 


  • Perfect knowledge of legislation and regulation in the Czech Republic that enable us to complete even the most challenging projects.

  • Knowledge regarding pharmacy operations and needs for effective interior design and locations choice 

  • Countless pharmacy projects we have made, varying by style or color 

  • High quality and own made furniture

  • Experienced team and years of experience


Over years, we have completed projects in the Czech Republic, Latvia, Slovakia, Germany, Switzerland, Bosna and Herzegovina or Russia. 


A many more...

Jaroslav Čemus  

K Elektrárně 871

Kostelec nad Labem

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Complete solutions starting with construction and finishing with consultancy

State-of-art systems and pharmacy streamlining

Successful solutions for customers in more than 5 countries